Chrome Web Store export needs updating?

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  • **EDIT 7/16**

    I just tried exporting again and uploading to Chrome Web Store and my app is now being accepted. I was very careful to follow the same steps the first couple times I tried that resulted in the errors below, so either I just screwed up or Google changed something. Anyway, Chrome Web Store export in C2 appears to be working fine.

    **Below is the original post**

    I just tried uploading a packaged app to the Chrome Web Store and got the following message:


    Legacy packaged apps cannot be uploaded to the Chrome Web Store any more. More information can be found at ... ps-to.html"

    Following that link, there is a post from June 30th, 2014 that states:

    "Starting today, no new legacy packaged apps can be published in the Chrome Web Store. In December, all existing legacy packaged app listings will be removed from Chrome Web Store’s search and browse functions. Existing legacy packaged apps can be updated until Chrome stops loading them in June of 2015. Nothing will change for hosted apps or new packaged apps.

    Developers are strongly encouraged to migrate their legacy packaged apps to either Chrome Apps or extensions. To get started, check out our migration tutorial, and contact us on the chromium-apps forum or our G+ page with any questions."

    Here is the link for the migration tutorial:

    It seems that the C2 export option for Chrome Web Store will need to be updated?


  • Bumping for visibility since we would like to put an app in the Chrome Web Store.

  • See edit in first post. Things now are working :/

  • This does not fix the issue however. Yes it is a dead thread but it seems that no one is paying attention to the complaints about the Chrome Web Store export option. Please Scirra fix this or remove the option to export to Chrome Web Store

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  • My app is accepted by the store but fails to run all it does is opens a new window and shows a black box and does not load at all

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