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  • Do you have any experiences with updating game and refreshing it in Chrome?

    When I upload new game version on the server Firefox updates game without problems. Chrome doesn't.

    Even ctrl+f5 doesn't help. I have to clear cache in browsers options.

  • Have you looked in Chrome's console to see what it's doing? Often you have to wait a moment for the offline cache to update.

  • I have the same problem, it doesn't update in Chrome. In Firefox it updates just fine.

    The Chrome console say this when I hit refresh:

    Document was loaded from Application Cache with manifest
    Application Cache Checking event
    Application Cache NoUpdate event
  • The only fix I've found so far is to rename the index.html every time

  • You need to re-upload offline.appcache every time you update your game, even if only one of the other files has changed. Are you sure you re-upload it every time? Otherwise the browser won't think there's an update.

  • Does the browser only look at the date the offline.appcache file was uploaded/changed, or is it something inside the file that tells the browser to download updates?

  • soren - you'll notice a timestamp at the top of the offline.appcache file. That has to change for the browser to actually check for an update. Because the timestamp in offline.appcache is different every time you export your project, so long as you upload the changed file and offline.appcache, the browser will see the change and download the update.

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  • the only way Ive found to make sure Im always using the version I just uploaded is not to upload the offline cache at all. I had the same problem til I just deleted it from the webserver and stopped uploading it

  • This is also giving me a huge amount of grief. Starting an incognito tab seems to help. I have installed a chache clearing utility but that doesn't help in normal chrome tabs. At the moment my only workaround is to use firefox.

    No matter what I try I cannot get chrome to display the updated app (this is a desktgop version of chrome). On my Samsung s3 chrome is just as bad.

  • It might be downloading the new version as you play the old one. Try using the browser object's 'is downloading update' condition to see if that's the case, and the 'on update ready' trigger to reload.

  • I think we have finally got it working correctly. We changed the mime type and in chrome I had to delete a fair amount of browsing history and cache etc. Then it seemed to come right. We are on hostgator and the mime type can be set in control panel and then apache restarted.

  • Arima

    I'm having troubles with Chrome, it won't open the game here and everytime, to work, I need to clear the cache.

    It's happening on Equilibrium (where nothing changed on the game, but the Chrome is up to date) and on a test game.

    That's the case of downloading the update too?

  • I just use Incognito to test. It is annoying if your game is being used by people though because they won't see the updates straightaway.

  • TELLES0808

    I tried opening your link on firefox and I get a load sequence (HTML 5 icon)and then a black screen. Same result when using chrome.

  • TELLES0808

    I tried opening your link on firefox and I get a load sequence (HTML 5 icon)and then a black screen. Same result when using chrome.

    And I just exported it. Maybe it's caused by dropbox.

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