Chrome jank during first audio play-at-object

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  • A few months ago I reported a jank bug in chrome, but the bug report was duly closed when the devs were unable to repeat the problem. This is also evident in NWjs and, although it can be worked around, it would be great to get it fixed. Could you please spare a minute and check out the bug report - I'd be interested if you experience the bug as well or, like the chrome devs, don't see a problem... The bug report can be found here.

  • It is the same as this?

    Ashley closed it before a capx was loaded, but it was reproduced recently.

  • It is the same as this?

    Ashley closed it before a capx was loaded, but it was reproduced recently.

    Probably... It's been a chrome problem for a while now.

  • I tried on chrome mobile.

    And yes I get the delay and jank.

    This doesn't happen with my own "games" though.

    Are you loading the sound as music? And are you preloading?

  • Sounds are loaded as sounds and preloading is set to yes. Here's the capx.

  • yes, strange it is the play at position causing the issue also happens on my PC Chrome.

    if you replace the code with just play sound every 3 seconds then no issue.

    sorry i was being a bit dumb when I said I dont have that problem i didn't realize you are talking specifically positional audio even though says in title

    (I have never used positional audio. )

    it is like it goes to play the sound then it realizes, crap I quickly have to do some positional calcs, then its too late.....

    Internet Explorer has no Issue.

    if there is something I / we can do to bump the issue let us know....

    I so badly want to introduce positional audio to my game now.....

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  • I tried it on my desktop too. In Chrome, I get the jank as you reported. Works fine on Edge. With firefox, there is no jank, but the first time there is almost no sound at all.

  • I think it's caused by the browser initialising the positioned audio engine the first time you use it.

    It looks like from the other report they made some changes to improve it, but you're not testing with the changes, your report still says you're using Chrome 52. Try grabbing Chrome Canary (currently v55) and seeing if there's still an issue there. It can take a few months for any changes to propagate from Canary to Beta to stable.

  • In the latest Chrome Canary the jank is almost gone.... There's clearly a dropped frame or two but it's way better than before.

  • Even though it's going to be a non-issue eventually, just play a silent positioned sound at the beginning of the game to make the jank hidden.

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