Chrome FPS issue (Solved)

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  • I had originally posted this in the bugs section of the forum because I wasn't sure where to put it. Since it didn't involve bugs that were specific to Construct 2, it was closed.

    I am now reposting this here because I have fixed the problem, and someone else may soon experience similar issues.

    Note: I use Chrome Beta for my developing. Since I'm only developing a tech-demo for the game I want to pick up development support for (which will be remade by a dev team), gamepad support and constant framerate were the most important features, and being browser exclusive didn't matter.

    My problem surfaced a couple days ago... Chrome always held a steady 60 FPS at a 13% or so CPU usage, but recently it dropped to 30 or 40 FPS constant with 4% CPU usage. Wasn't sure why. If I went up to the minimize, maximize, and close buttons, left-clicked and held the mouse button down on one of the buttons, the FPS would jump up to a perfect 60 FPS and stay there. You could move the mouse around as long as you didn't release the mouse button. Once you released it, Chrome dropped back down to 40 FPS again. Similarly, if I opened the task manager that is built into Chrome and ended the "GPU Process" process (3 times) and then refresh the page, the CPU usage jumped up a ton (45-90% depending on if it was native rez or being resized) but at native res the FPS was at 62... So I knew something was up with the way Chrome was using or interfacing with my GPUs.

    I was on the latest Java, Flash, nvidia drivers (for 660M), and Chrome 30.0.1599.22 Beta-m. Being up to date on them didn't fix anything.

    Turns out, I switched to Chrome 31.0.1612.2 dev-m which you have to update to manually if you are using beta since beta will only give you the latest beta release and not the dev release.

    Anyways, problem solved. I'm back to a beautiful 60 FPS constant at a mere 7% cpu :)

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