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  • When I play music in either Media Player or VLC, the fps will drop to between 40-45 when testing in Chrome, if I pause or stop the music the fps will jump back up to 60.

    Firefox and IE aren't affected, and I don't have any extensions added to Chrome.

    Just thought I would mention it just in-case anyone else had come across this.

  • I came to the forums cause I'm having issues with fps when previewing in Chrome. It just happened today and I'm sure I didn't change any settings in Chrome or Construct2.

    I think that somehow vysnc and/or triple buffering are not working.

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  • I had to enable Aero to solve this.

  • Also I have just found that I get the same drop in fps using Chrome when a steam chat window flashes with a new message. As soon as I stop the chat window flashing the fps jumps back up to 60.

    Again Firefox and IE are fine.

  • Just figured out it is when you have multiple monitors, if both Media Player and Construct 2 are on the same monitor everything works fine.

    If I drag Media Player over to my other monitor I lose 20fps when testing.

  • sebasrhcp arontwose - what os are you running? On vista, if aero is off then the window manager is not hardware accelerated which causes the fps hit.

  • Arima

    Windows 7 Pro 64bit - Service Pack 1 and aero theme, double checked by selecting a different areo theme and got the same results.

  • Arima:

    I have Win7 x64 SP1. Installing Java x64 was the only thing I did until vsync issues appeared with Aero disabled. Enabling Aereo solves this, disabling Aereo made vsync issues reappear.

    I'll just have to stick with Aereo I guess. :)

  • Huh - that's interesting. I thought having aero off only caused the window manager on vista to not be hardware accelerated, but I guess it happens on 7 too.

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