Chrome is faster than .EXE?

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  • Hello!

    Maybe I'm just stupid, but, after running a simple game in Firefox, Chrome, and then exporting as ".EXE" (Which, if I'm not mistaken, is basically a skinned down version of Chrome).

    The FPS I SHOULD be getting is 75fps

    Firefox fluctuates between 50-60fps (oh well)

    Chrome maintains a perfect 75fps

    .EXE gives 40-50fps?

    I know that .EXE is experimental, I lurk around and try to find the answers on my own, but I'm so curious, why would a pure .EXE export powered by chrome be slower than the actual Chrome browser?

    Again, maybe I'm just being stupid... <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It's a well-known issue, Awesomium will be able to fix it.

    be patient, young padawan ;)

  • Yeah, you are not alone on this one, I get the same problem. It will hopefully be fixed soon as they are investigating it. Never thought graphics cards companies were so retarded, but I guess they are. As I have learned that half the problems with HTML5 performance comes from them.

  • Also, another problem that might never get fixed is that the EXE takes too much time to run on first run, several seconds. Kinda annoying.

  • Nah. It's normal.. at least in a lot of games there appears a "The first time you run this game, will cost more time. Please be patient" message.

  • Well its been a month since Adam/awesomenium responded to Ashley's thing on their forum. So hopefully they're still doing things...

  • Well its been a month since Adam/awesomenium responded to Ashley's thing on their forum. So hopefully they're still doing things...

    Yeah but, I really do not think it's a case of "hopefully" but "must". I see little sense in developing a flawed product, when he said himself it would be straight forward. What's the market for Awesomium like this? High-end computers which cost 1000s? To play a 2D game? O__o

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  • If you read the r100 changelog there is a known performance issue with Awesomium. We cannot do anything to fix it - Awesomium have to make changes to fix it. However please get in touch with them and let them know you'd like it fixed, since the more people who contact them, the more they are likely to prioritise it.

    Very fast machines (like my dev machine) can actually run EXEs faster than in the Chrome browser. Hopefully once Awesomium fix the performance problem, it will always be faster for everyone else too.

  • All

    I also have e-mailed the problems to Awesomium specially the FPS-Problem in the *.Exe Fullscreen-Mode.

    Ashley will fix also the "Cancel-Fullscreen" Bug in the Next upcoming Release of C2.

    It is a must to have the *Exe Exporter. And btw. - I Think good Games will played everywhere....looking forward to a Bugfree *.Exe Exporter...


  • Thanks for all the information everyone :)

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