Chrome doesn't go to real full screen mode anymore

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  • Hello, everyone.

    I hope this is not old news and something I've missed.

    I just don't know what I did and everything was working fine with my project.

    Then suddenly using the Browser request full screen action is not filling the entire window anymore.

    I can still see the desktop behind even in full screen mode.

    The weird thing is that pressing F11 in Chrome works but requesting full screen doesn't.

    The latter maximizes the screen, loses the titlebar but fails to cover the entire monitor size.

    It just happens at home (Windows 7) not in my PC from work.

    That thing is making me crazy. Arghh!!

    Has anyone gone through this?

    Thanks and have a great day.

  • I think I saw that only when the browser window was maximised before requesting fullscreen, if it is windowed normally (resizable) it goes fullscreen, I am not sure why could be the cause for it, as I think it was fixed in the past.

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  • Aphrodite: Hmm, I'm going to try a few things based on your advices.

    The only thing I can remember changing in the project was making the layout size much bigger (4500 x 1800).

    But it works fine in other computers so...

    Thank you, for the hints. I'm going to try those and mess with some browser options.

  • Hey!

    I know that problem. I just remind people that they can go fullscreen by pressing F11. You can see how i made it here

  • you PC from work use windows 7 too?

  • Ignaci: Great! I like your website. Maybe I'll put a initial message like that. Thanks.

    kowalsky: Actually, my work PC has Windows 8. Hmm... I might want to test in another Windows 7 machine. Thanks.

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