Chrome has become extremely laggy - Did the update break?

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  • Today I noticed that my game was all of a sudden running extremely laggy on my PC. I've managed to narrow the problem down to Chrome since Node-Webkit preview and export works fine. I looked to see if Chrome had been updated recently, and apparently there was an update yesterday.

    Has anyone else noticed their game running laggy in Chrome?


  • ive noticed lag to and in the inspector tab of the debugger it makes cpu usage go way up (like 50%)

  • thanks for the heads up...I'm still on Chrome 35 and it asked me to update which I declined. I'll do my benchmark tests now and then update to 36 and compare..

  • Such a damn shame, this happens way too often.

  • supposedly they fixed "LOTS of bugs and performance improvements"

  • Well Ludei updated CocoonJS to version 2.0.2 with fixes for crashes on Samsung devices... but it still crash anyway.

    Nearly about there where I will throw in the towel with C2 and move to Game Maker or Unity.

  • I also noticed very slow performance in debug mode in Chrome 35xx (30fps / 50+% cpu). I just updated to 36 and it's improved (45 fps / 30% cpu), but still slower than Firefox and IE11 (both 60 fps in debug). Go figure...

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  • This type of thing must be forcing people away from C2. Its a shame.

  • No issues here. As ever for a first stop visit chrome://gpu and see what it says. Maybe the update blacklisted your graphics card/driver.

  • Ashley just checked and the GPU is definitely not blacklisted. Were you able to test with a game that reviously performed at the edge of your hardware's capabilities?

    This doesn't affect Node-Webkit yet so I'n in the clear for now, but if those changes get rolled across it will be catastrophic.

  • Well our Space Blaster test still runs at a solid 60 FPS with minimal CPU usage (just 1-5%) so there is no obvious difference at all. You should be able to investigate further using the normal means of investigating performance problems, using the C2 debugger profiler and the Chrome dev tools profiler. If the difference is significant these tools should make it obvious what the performance problem is. This should always be the first thing you check as well, since there is very little value in commenting on a performance problem without any measurements.

  • No issues here. As ever for a first stop visit chrome://gpu and see what it says. Maybe the update blacklisted your graphics card/driver.

    it says: GPU rasterization is whitelisted on N4, N5, N7 and Moto X: 362779

    Disabled Features: gpu_rasterization

    will this be solved with new drivers or better graphicscard ?

  • Hmm, I actually have GPU_rasterization disabled as well, could that be a problem? I didn't check if it was disabled beforehand. I don't think it's actually a graphics issue though since lowering the resolution doesn't help.

  • The GPU_rasterization in general is disabled (except on the devices listed above) so that most certainly isnt the problem.

    I can't confirm the performance problems.

    sqiddster till Chromium 36 will arrive onto Node-Webkit it will probably take a few months, and till then, i think it at least is fixed in Chromium itself,

    so that would mean that if it is fixed in Chromium, we can fix it in NW without any problems (probably).

    That results in, that it probably wont be a problem nor for you, nor for me.

    After all, it doesnt seem to be a common problem, so what could be the cause for this?

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  • Chrome here says GPU rasterization is disabled as well but everything still runs smoothly. The bug indicates it's a feature only supported on Android at the moment. I would also guess it is unrelated.

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