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  • There are two Chrome for Android bugs I have a problem with.

    First, when playing back music, there's a small delay between the music ending and looping back to the start making truly infinite looping music impossible.

    Second, some of the sound files play at a much lower volume than other sound or music files when played through the phone speakers compared to using headphones or when the game runs on desktop. A month or two ago this bug was not there.

    These problems obviously translate to Intel Crosswalk as well.

    Are there any ways to fix or work around there bugs?

  • This may not be related, but last time I checked, the volume of sounds and volule of music on chrome for android wasn't controlled by the same system volume setting (the sounds were controlled by the phone call volume, and the music by the applications sound volume).

  • Aphrodite Cranked up high or muted, the phone call volume didn't effect sounds or music.

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  • I am interested in replies on this thread, so I am replying.

  • Well, a quick fix for the second problem is putting all the audio in the music folder. Not exactly sure what caused the bug, but after adding a certain number of sounds or tags or whatever in C2 the chrome has a hard time with the phone speaker volume.

    As for the loop delay, I'm still looking for a solution.

  • KFC perhaps the loop delay is caused by the size of the file. Would that be possible? Maybe if you try cutting it in 2 , 3 or 4 pieces, it would not have a delay?

  • Audio looping with a gap is a bug in Chrome.

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