Chowdren: Fast Construct runtime for consoles/desktop

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  • matpow2 so does the dev that works in C2/C3 keep making modifications/fixes and updates in Construct?

  • jobel For all current Chowdren projects, we use a continuous delivery/build automation system.

    This means that whenever the developer makes a change in the C2 or C3 project, our build server can compile updated builds for all platforms within a short time.

    From my perspective, this is practically a requirement when you're trying to ship a serious game on multiple platforms :)

    For some projects, we also setup automation tasks like pushing updates to a Steam branch, so the Chowdren build pipeline is fairly featureful and mature.

  • Wait, so you also do a Steam version, like a full on C++ with the Steam api and everything?

    Are you checking out the Windows Wrapper?

  • A few exciting things have been going down, so here is an update:

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    Our game Mighty Goose is releasing June 5 on Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4/PS5!

    So happy to be releasing this finally, and we are proud to say we made Mighty Goose entirely in Construct 3 + Chowdren.

    It could be fun to do a post-mortem about how development/production worked for a high-end game like Mighty Goose, so let us know if this would be interesting :)

    Mighty Goose is also a great example of how Chowdren's C++ codegen and shader optimizer result in excellent performance, and we can comfortably run Mighty Goose on Nintendo Switch with 60 FPS.

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    Astral Ascent was successfully funded on Kickstarter, reaching almost 500% of its goal!

    The game is a 2D rogue-lite platformer, and will be going to Early Access on Steam in 2022.

    Astral Ascent is made in Construct 3, and we are so excited to be working with our friends at Hibernian Workshop to bring this game to PC & consoles using Chowdren.

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  • would love a post mortem on Mighty Goose! it would help me to know what is possible with c3/chowdren.

  • Darn, this is very exciting! Plus, congrats on the upcoming new release and the new partnership! I've been looking forward to seeing how that would come along!

    ...kind of makes me want to reach out too, but darn - the anxiety is killing me! This shizz is just too cool and tempting NOT to pass on!... :'D

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