Chowdren: Fast Construct runtime for consoles/desktop

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  • For Cyber Shadow, we use Chowdren on all platforms, so the Steam version is also using Chowdren.

    We actually do this for practically all games that ship with Chowdren!

    The C2/C3 runtimes are great, but in our case, it makes sense to use Chowdren for everything.

    This is primarily to simplify QA (a single version on all platforms), but it also allows us to tailor each version for each platform.

    For example, debuggging and fixing low-level issues (e.g. "why is this controller not working?") becomes a bit easier when you control the engine.

  • matpow2 so does the dev that works in C2/C3 keep making modifications/fixes and updates in Construct?

  • jobel For all current Chowdren projects, we use a continuous delivery/build automation system.

    This means that whenever the developer makes a change in the C2 or C3 project, our build server can compile updated builds for all platforms within a short time.

    From my perspective, this is practically a requirement when you're trying to ship a serious game on multiple platforms :)

    For some projects, we also setup automation tasks like pushing updates to a Steam branch, so the Chowdren build pipeline is fairly featureful and mature.

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  • Wait, so you also do a Steam version, like a full on C++ with the Steam api and everything?

    Are you checking out the Windows Wrapper?

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