Chiptunes in HTML5 Games !?

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  • Since sound files often end up being the largest part of HTML5 games, I decided to look around for some sort of chiptune plugin. I may need someone more musically and programming inclined to verify...but could this be a solution?:

  • Have you tried encoding chiptunes to OGG and AAC? If the audio contains mainly simple tones and synthesised sounds they should compress very well with traditional formats. Or do you mean something dynamically generated?

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  • I havn't actually worked with chiptunes directly, so didn't know just how well they compressed.

    Something dynamically generated sounds interesting, though not sure it is something I would use (given my lack of musical talents :P)...although music that changed depending on what was happening in game would be pretty neat.

    Note: Don't you and Tom ever sleep :P

  • Um, why don't you just get either FamiTracker or the other countless free trackers for chip music, or one of the many, many free chiptune VSTs or soundfonts?

    There, that link has links to free trackers and free soundfonts and plugins.

    Making music is what you make of it. WAVs are the biggest file size, with everything else being far smaller. Having your music files as oogs, mp3s, or aacs will make their use of resources negligible.

  • Chiptunes can be possible in some future, when the HTML5 Audio API is normalized everywhere. For the moment, you need an array to store the values you generate, and convert that to audio via base64. And since that only works to create WAVE/RIFF via javascript, you can imagine that the array that needs to be filled is huge. And most browsers choke on that for the moment...

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