who check my game on mobile

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  • Wow! Im amateur android developer :D

    Wink Thank you for your commitment, I appreciate it!

  • Your welcome delgado. I will take a look at your .capx, and see if I can get it to the right resolution when I have a little more time.

    Here is a nice tutorial that shows you how you can set up a free Android emulator on your PC so you can test your games:

    How to Test Drive Google Android on Your PC Without Buying a Phone

    And here is some info on supporting multiple android screens:

    Supporting Multiple Screens

    I'm going to read that one also it's from the Android developers site.

  • Or supporting multiple screen sizes tutorial.

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  • Ok, delgado after doing some extensive research I think I got it. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle"> Or at least we are on the right path now.

    First after reading Supporting multiple screen sizes for the thousandth time, and still not getting it to fit my phone screen correctly. I read the Supporting Multiple Screens on the Android developers site, and still no luck. Most of there documentation is months behind the current technology meaning newer screen sizes. I don't know if they just don't care, and don't update it anymore because they have enough apps, or are just trying to cut down on the competition.

    So then I went to my phone manufactures website, and asked what size I need to make a game app that needs to display the complete playing area with no scrolling, and fit tight to all four sides of the phone screen. They were very helpful they said for my specific phone Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S I would have to make it 800px X 480px. So I re-sized your game, stretched your sprites, and moved things around then rebuilt your game on phonegap, and there was still a small white area to the right about the size of my phones tool bar.

    So I looked at one of the games I made and realized I also had these gaps I just couldn't see them because I had given the background of my games a solid color that matched the game tiles. So I went back and gave your game a color that matched your game tiles, and this is what I got:

    <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/2w5tu6u.jpg" border="0">

    The game itself will now fit like it is suppose to if I can figure out how to make my browser run in full screen so that my toolbar isn't showing.

    I think though to make a game like this fit on all Android devises you will have to go to all the manufactures websites to get the exact screen sizes, and build each size individually. lol a lot of work.

    Also I believe before we can expect people to buy a Android, or other device type game from us, we will have to figure out how to package our games in some type of executable wrapper that will automatically open the game in full screen mode without the devices tool bar showing. Not to mention sound support.

    Anyway, Your game preforms very well, but you might want to re-color your games sprites. I think with all the stretching, and resizing they lost some color. Also you should really consider using rexrainbow's touch/mouse plugin instead of the touch controls I think it would make the game easier if you could just touch the paddle to move it with one finger.

    Here is your modified .capx:


  • Your amendment will provide for me the basis for creating the next game :)

  • I am getting that same white edge. Fullscreen mode scaling is being used as well. I really think that feature is not working correctly or as people are expecting it too.

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