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  • Hey Guys I currently have a very old pc with Pentium construct is very laggy sometimes so I just need help which laptop should I buy to run construct 2 smooth I'm on a tight budget reply me with links

  • I suggest you read the system requirements:

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  • These days pretty much any system you buy with at least Windows 7 and new-ish hardware is probably going to be fine.

  • Just make sure you have a dedicated GPU.

  • These days pretty much any system you buy with at least Windows 7 and new-ish hardware is probably going to be fine.


    I worry about whether Construct 3 can run on a computer installed with Windows XP.

    May I ask a question.? Will Construct 3 run on Windows XP computer.?

    Thanks a lot.!!!

  • BoyHK - I remember someone asked this question before, but I can't remember who.

    As far as I recall, someone answered that C2 & most probably C3 may not support Windows XP in some cases. But it can be installed, it just won't work as stable as Windows 7 up.

  • Which component is more important for making games

  • You really should get Windows 7 or newer. Windows XP is well past it now.

    • it doesn't get security updates so you will be vulnerable to security flaws
    • Chrome has dropped support for XP/Vista so you will no longer get Chrome updates
    • you can't use/test Edge or Windows Store apps (need Windows 10 for that)
    • Construct 2 can't encode AAC files on XP/Vista
    • graphics drivers are often old/buggy/unavailable
    • no good 64-bit support in the OS
    • by now we probably won't fix any C2 bugs that only occur on XP (although I don't think there are many)
    • although I can't say anything for sure right now, I cannot guarantee that C3 will run on XP/Vista

    Seriously, don't even consider XP or Vista now. It's like buying Windows 95 in 2010.

  • Im also looking for a small cheap laptop for construct on the move.

    Does the requirement to have dedicated GPU still stand???.

    All of the recent intel i series and m series chips on laptops have half decent SOC GPU included.

    Sure you won't be running Overwatch at 200 Fps but wouldn't they more than suffice for anything 2D browser related?

  • Intel graphics are crap, but a bit less crap than they used to be. I think it will be OK without a dedicated GPU on modern hardware. Dedicated GPUs are much better, but they tend to only come with more expensive laptops.

  • Does the requirement to have dedicated GPU still stand???.

    I think you should make that investment if you plan to make games seriously. Getting a low-end dedicated AMD GPU paired with and Intel i3 is not too expensive. Take a look at Lenovo notebooks. You can make great games with just an intel GPU too, but you'll hit it's barriers sooner than you might think.

  • oh no.....

    I just pressed go on a refurbed surface 3 pro for too good to be true money off fleabay.......

    its the mid range i3 version with the Intel 4200 graphics (not the best) and 4GB ram

    so represents a common current low end ish £270-£300 laptop.

    Ill let you know how it goes for construct 2.......if indeed it does go.......


    Just FYI I do appreciate the need for powerful PC when devving, I do have a desktop at home with a reasonably competent I5 and 3GB DDR5 graphics

    but I rarely get to use it.

    I am forever travelling for work or sitting all weekend in gymnastics competitions pretty much doing nothing wanted something very portable but still reasonably capable.

    also I think construct 2's true heart is in quality browser games for the masses rather than wrapped or native apps. And the masses aren't sat at high powered desktops. They are on the train or bus or back of car or slouching on the couch or in bed with a low powered tablet, phone , or net book etc.

    So my other logic is if you dev on a lower powered machine you will automatically appreciate the capabilities of these devices and be forced to optimize thus making your game more accessible to more people on the browser platform.

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