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  • Hi everyone,

    I've been meaning to ask this for a while.. is there an option in C2 that allows me to see what changes I've made to the game? I think you can achieve this by using git and the likes, but if I did that, would I still have to type in all the changes I've made to the game every time I pushed it to git?

    In any case, I'm running into some trouble because sometimes I keep working all day long then change a line of code quickly or accidentally, and totally forget about it later, only to keep breaking my head for 2 hours straight to figure out what went wrong.. if there was a way for me to see the things I've changed in more detail.. the undo button lists a few, but there's no detail at all.

    For instance, if I resize an object it just tells me I've resized 1 object, not what object it was, or how it was before i resized it..

    Anyway, any help is appreciated! If there's a good way to keep track of this, I'm all ears!

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