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  • Hello good at all, I wanted to know how they can keep the font that I use when creating the App, I tell them the problem is when I think the application (APK) and install the cell, the font change ARIAL, font the change to Comic Sans but after switching to Arial.

    Is there any way to keep the font you want.

    Greetings and thanks


    Hola buenas a todos, quería saber como puede mantener la fuente que utilizo al crear la App, les cuento el problema es cuando creo la Aplicación (APK) y la instalo al celular, la fuente cambian a ARIAL, la fuente la cambio a Comic Sans, pero después se cambia a Arial.

    Hay alguna manera de mantener la fuente que uno desea.

    Saludos y Gracias

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  • It sounds like your font is slow to load on devices where it is not installed. This is not unusual, unfortunately. Have a read of the paragraph "Fixing Bugs" in this tutorial. That should help you.

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