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  • Hello !

    I just wanted to know if someone knows if it's possible

    I want to load an image in a tile, and edit the size of that image within the tile.

    Example :

    I want to import my image at its real size, 256*256, but i want construct to draw it at 50% in the tile, and so repeating it at 128*128.

    Thanks ! :)

    The purpose is to try to draw smaller layouts for retina displays, and so sprites, and so win ram.

    In fact, i don't know if it works : if i import a sprite of 256*256 and put it at 128*128 on the scene, will the retina use the real image to draw the missing pixels, and i will have a "res-high" sprite, or it will just make bigger the 128 ones ?

    (not sure i'm very clear haha)

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  • Sorry !

    I just discovered the "resize" button in the tile window lol.

    My last question still needs an answer if someone knows :)

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