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  • Hi All,

    Im wondering if it would be possible to add a Change log to the construct interface.

    Since consctruct 2 is also for Game Development with Comercial purpuses.

    It would be really nice to have a little text box interface where we could Add our Changelog informations and export it with the project as a txt file.

    Maybe im the only one that likes to keep track on changes between "game Builds"

    And you may ask "why dont you just do it on a notepad txt"?

    Well im doing that in fact however since its a professional tool to design games it should be a feature, also its not the same as having already all the info in 1 easy to access location already in the same tool.

    Maybe an automated adding of changes to log (with a prompt if we want to add to log)

    If some one thinks this is relevant please reply...

    Off course this is not urgent :)

  • I think this is a case where using another tool is actually appropriate. For example you could use Microsoft Word to write and share notes about your game, and that's a much much more advanced and nicer to use text editor than we'd ever put directly in to Construct 2. So I think it actually works better to have separate tools specialised to their own purpose.

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  • Its more about tracking changes then actually make notes, but yeah o can Live with it

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