Change a link target without exporting the game again

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  • Hello. I got a small construct game for my website and would like just to change just one link in it. I found how to change the url (just searched the included files for the address and edited it), but is it possible to easily change the target from self to top or parent without buying a license? Construct seems great and worth the money, but I am not planning to develop games soon and just need this small change.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Where did you find the link, what's the file name? Could you post a portion of the file with the URL string? If it's somewhere in JS code, you may be able to change the target.

  • Hi Dop! Thanks for your reply.

    This is the snipped where I found the link, it was in the data.js file:


    I searched for "target" and "self", but neither was in data.js. In the other files I couldn't find them close to each other but there were tons of them used for various purposes.

    Best, Artur

  • .....

  • You are great, thank you so so much mate! Such a great community here:)

  • Can we not tell people how to hack an export please?

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  • newt I paid for the game on codecanyon and I am even not using it to make money. I don't think what I am doing (spending personal money and time to offer licensed ad-free games to students) is "hacking", but I also understand where you are coming from. Feel free to erase the topic if you wish.

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