Any chance of a glow effect?

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  • I'd love to create a shooter with neon style graphics (there are a few about) but the lack of a glow effect makes it really hard to get the images right. I know it can be down in the sprites but it would be a great feature in C2 to just add a glow. Would be useful for mouseovers too.

    I know there is a glow in Contruct but it doesn't seem to work as I'd like, unless I'm doing something wrong?


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  • There is another thread about this, but essentially you use the glow effect, but also you have to draw another sprite on top of the glowing one. At this point there is no "Glowing Edge" feature. Which is what everyone wants.

  • You can make anything glow using additive overlay sprites. Just duplicate the sprite, erase everything you don't want to glow, and then place that sprite over the original and set it to additive. To adjust the brightness of the glow increase or decrease the brightness/darkness of the overlay sprite. Use gradients expanding from the shape to make the penumbra of the glow.

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