Any chance we will see a future return back to directx?

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  • Or even VC runtime C++ compiled projects? I mean I get that HTML5 projects dumped are profitable for web games and time wasters but epic projects suffer with this lack of native windows support. Optimization always comes with some serious sacrifices. I am not ungrateful for your hard work on Construct 2, I think the interface is 100x more intuitive than most. And you get work done rather quickly once you get used to all the clicking. Atleast manipulating globals and families has never been easier.

    Regardless though, Construct Classic is VERY nice. I would even pay for a Construct Classic upgrade in the future that had UI improvements from C2. Well perhaps you disagree, its your product afterall I just had to chime in on this. Anything to stop using the headache inducing Game Maker. Seriously.

  • Not going to happen. If you follow the hundreds of previous forum threads you will see why.

  • Not going to happen. If you follow the hundreds of previous forum threads you will see why.

    Thats terrible! What a waste of so much native optimization support!

    Wow I guess I'll have to go learn Unity now. bummer...

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  • You still get all the hardware acceleration via wrappers like WebGL, popular libs use instruction sets that map nicely to low-level concepts (simd for physics, etc.) and so on. HTML5 (html/css/js + wrapper + apis + libs) is not responsible for bad performance.

    Native and platform specific optimisations always come last in terms of cost/benefit ratio ; there's usually a lot to be gained from higher level optimisations first (resource management, entity lifecycles, naive algorithms and sub-optimal logic, etc.)

    So I'm not too sure what the problem is If you're targeting only one specific platform and want the absolute best performance (at the cost of iteration time, design time, prototyping time, etc.) why bother with high-level tools at all, and why not go low level in the first place ?

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