what is causing the stuttering of moving objects

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  • for the last few months i have built 2 simple games using c2 and had a goal to have the performance and graphics to a standard for uploading to google play the graphics side of the games is great, performance wise there is a stuttering/jolting issue when exported and run on a device for testing. I then scanned through the c2 forum and i think i have found a topic on this. construct 2 uses request animation frame and set time out browser are only capable of doing one thing at a time and with javascript leads to this stuttering issue. if i could please get your opinions and knowledge on this topic.

  • There could be a lot of reasons related to performance issues. It's hard to know without seeing the game.

    What type of game is it?

    What sort of events occur that precipitate hesitation in the game?

    Is the game you made a mobile HTML5 game or does it install with a wrapper like cocoonjs or ejecta?

    If you can, I would post a link to the game so others can see it.

    I'm not suggesting you post a capx publically of your game, but you might want to seek out help from another developer to take a look at your project.

    You could try to replicate the issue and post it.

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  • I am exporting to cocoonjs as i have tried phonegap and had the same jolting issue but performance seemed to be better with cocoon but still not really playable actually quiet annoying know one is going to want to play a game with this issue it just isnt playable this is only. I did a little experiment because ludei said it might have something to do with the amount of textures loading on a layout , soooo i made a layout containing only one texture in bullet motion from right to left and still no change at all same issue

  • Thanks PSI for the share. Helped me so much! ;O;

    I still seem to be having trouble previewing my project on the browser. There's a bunch of stuttering in there as well. Would there be a way to fix that?

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