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  • My clients IT branch are saying that they can't view the site I made using C2, due to security issues.

    Obviously the site I presume, is being treated like ActiveX, or something. Is there some way to make that not happen, apart from trying to convince them that they need to stop being so paranoid and loosen their browsing security?


  • Do they get an error? Security issues is very broad, it could even be at their branch they are only allowed to visit whitelisted urls for example.

    The browsers they use, and the error message they get would be useful!

  • This is what I said to them.

    The head of the IT department is supposed to be calling me tomorrow. I will post an update after I speak to him, but these guys are useless. They couldn't even install Image Magik on their server... they said it "wasn't possible" even though it's a free and very easy to use php plugin that works with any domain server I have ever seen.

    I have a feeling these guys are going to be the hardest roadblock on this long and weary project so far.


  • "security issues" is pretty vague - what does it really mean? It could mean anything from previewing on their intranet with limited security settings that blocks the game's javascript, or it could mean they deliberately use out of date browsers to make sure new vulnerabilities don't affect them (which is insane, because old ones will affect them instead, newer browsers tend to be more secure), or anything else really. Need to know what they really mean.

  • I agree.

    Considering the main point being, the site is on their own domain... like it is being hosted already from their internal file server, and they can't see it!

    Hopefully this guy will call tomorrow like he is supposed to and I can figure out what he is talking about.

    I only know one other person that had "security issues" when trying to open the site, but that was because he's a paranoid user that jacks all his in-built Windows security ratings up to maximum.


  • This "security issue" is the same as when you try to execute locally on your computer an html file, with javascript code, with IE?

  • This "security issue" is the same as when you try to execute locally on your computer an html file, with javascript code, with IE?

    I don't know as they were too vague about it. It was written to me, hastily in an email from a third party who doesn't even understand the problem. I am supposed to be hearing from the IT guys tomorrow, so I can get a clearer picture of the problem.

    The only reason I posted the thread now was just in case there was some obvious answer.

    I figure it's probably to do with the page wanting to "use internal storage" when it starts up... which I thought you could disable, but I can't seem to find an option for it anywhere.


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  • I'd like an update on this, since it's already "tomorrow".

  • Ah my bad I totally forgot to update you guys.

    Turns out the client has DropBox blocked on their servers, and I had left a DB link in the page somewhere. Probably a good thing, since otherwise there would have been a dead link there later!

    This is why "Chinese Whispers" is a bad idea.


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