Card Game: 1 Sprite for each card or 1 Sprite with Frames?

  • Hello!

    I was asking myself if it will be better for my card game to make 1 sprite for every card or 1 card object with different frames for each card.

    Since it will have many cards, I want the better ordered version to keep it clear.

    So, what are your thoughts and experiences on this topic? What is better?

    For everyone asking, it is going to be something like an action-wizard card game.

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  • if you dont have a local variable such as score/value/etc on each card, then go for multiple cards as frames in 1 sprite. you save events later, but the moment you add variables for each card and gets values from it then stuff complicates and is easier to manage having independent sprites.

    P.S if your card value is the same as the frame position number then no biggie you can use the frame number as a value for counting cards and setting value of it.

  • I guess it would be better and MUCH easier if you go with 1 Sprite that holds all the Cards as Frames or Animations. Just remember what card is on what Frame Number. You could use then Local Variables on the Sprite to specify the Kind of card you have spawned or placed. You would have to do some kind of database of course.

    But if you want the Long Version without an database and define alle data in each card Sprite then you would have to Group alle those cards into a family. (But believe me, it will take SO MUCH MORE TIME to make dozens of Sprite Objects for the same purpose)

  • One Sprite + Array

  • Okay thank you for your answers! I will go for 1 Sprite ^^

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