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  • First, let me preface this by acknowledging I do not fully understand just how the Car behavior works. So this request may come across as odd...

    Right now, we only have two event checks: Is Moving and Compare Speed. But these do not help me much regarding the other mechanics of the behavior. I namely want to check for the moment the behavior engaged from a normal turn into a drift and is in a drift.


    --> On Drift Begin

    Is Drifting

    Compare Current Drift (again, I don't fully understand how the parameter works... Is this value constant or does the drift work up to this value while in a turn?)

    ...would all be exceptionally helpful event conditions.

    Another couple of event checks that could be useful are

    Is Accelerating

    Is Decelerating

    I realize there's a monumentally huge list of to-do tasks. So please know that I submit this just as a request. Thanks!

  • The drift is just the difference between the moving angle and the object angle, which are both accessible via expressions. I'm not sure 'is accelerating'/'is decelerating' are useful conditions to add, I think they map pretty straightforwardly to the user's controls and should be part of the game's logic (i.e. 'is accelerating' is the same as when the player is holding the accelerate control, and 'is decelerating' is more or less the opposite).

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  • Ashley - That makes sense.

    So, when you say the difference between the object angle and the moving angle, if the object is facing 90*, the Drift Recovery is basically the rotation per second for the moving angle to equal the object angle at 90*? Correct?

  • Yes, that's right.

  • Ashley - AH! That makes sense! I think I can figure out how to isolate those values... We shall see anyway. LOL Thanks for your help.

    (PS - Loved your podcast with the C2Podcast show. Thank you for making the time to do that. I'm looking forward to C3!!)

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