.capx file wont open.

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  • I keep getting "encountered an improper argument" when trying to open a capx file. Any help?

  • Unfortunately, no one here is psychic, so a little more information would help

    Seriously though, is this an old .capx? What version of C2 are you using? Can you open other .capx?

    Is it feasible to upload the offending .capx so we can try to open it?

    Try to give as much info as you can, such as OS, exact error message, does the .capx use non-standard plugins, etc.

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  • is the capx file yours or you downloaded? if its not yours maybe it uses a custom plugin so you have to download it and add it in c2 folder.just saying

  • It is my file. I moved it to a new computer.

  • It seems the file is too large to upload over 2mb. I think the version I worked on it was 163. The 2 files of the game that feature and ajax request to a php file are the only ones that give me the error. They were fine not that long ago when I was working on them.

    I'm using windows 8 have been for all my development.

    Edit: I got one of the capx files to work by loading up the backup of that file. Its not the newest one but it does have a lot of the latest changes to my game. Im still confused about what would cause this problem.

    I should add that all my files are kept on skydrive(onedrive).

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