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  • Hi there !

    I'm on a project and would like to know if the idea we have may be done in construct. Here are the different steps :

    • the user takes a picture using the webcam (computer/mobile device)
    • the user can cut the image in pieces
    • each piece can be maniulated : color/hue/brightness, position, rotation, size
    • pieces can be pasted to make a collage work of art
    • a general filter can be apply to the result to simulate some famous painter style.

    Thanks for your suggestions !!

  • I have a feeling you are looking at finding some image manipulation JS libraries and then creating plugins for them if you want to get all this working. Depending on the platform you are targeting some of the wrappers (CocoonJS, PhoneGap, etc...) have access to camera's I believe...

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  • 1- Yes, it's possible, but i'm not sure about mobile device.

    2- Using R0J0hound's canvas as third party plugin would cut the image in pieces.

    3- Make interface to manipulate sprite, if you apply the effects like color, hue, brightness, etc. it can be done with WebGL. If you won't use WebGL, you might find Pode's plugins.

    4- Yeah, basically using R0j0hound's canvas.

    5- I'm not sure it would work, but webGL effects may apply with parameters interface in runtime.

  • Thanks for the quick replies !

    The project would be aimed to mobile devices, so I'm afraid WebGL is not supported...

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