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  • I have Samsung S6 and i have both web version of my game uploaded on the server and an .apk (exported using IntelXDK just for Android and using Crosswalk for android).

    When play web version of the game, it renders in webgl and runs smooth, however, when I install the .apk it runs in canvas2d mode. It runs great, but why doesn't it renders in webgl?

  • Again, similar problem. I have a new testing phone Prestigio with Quad Coreand 1 GB RAM with Android 4.1. on it. When I install the apk from the Playstore the game runs in Cnavas2D mode on 12-15 FPS, but when I go to play online version of the game using Chrome on android, I get 40-50 FPS and WebGL...

    THe APK is exported with Intel XDK and I used embedded Crosswalk 15 (Cordova 5.1.1.)

    Any ideas why the game runs in Canvas2d mode?

  • Crosswalk is only needed for Android 4.x compatibility. It uses the same Chromium browser engine that Chrome uses, so in theory it should work identically. I'm not sure why they would end up using different renderers - perhaps there is a difference in the Chromium version, or the GPU blacklists work differently.

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  • Yeah, wierd... Will be testing further and update if I get around this issue...

  • So I compiled the game with CocoonJS and after signing, aligning and direct install on the phone in question, game runs faster than ever, with solid 50+ fps and renders in webgl.

    Is there a way to check phones GPU blacklist or Chromium version, it seems that this is an issue with IntelXDK build yet I doublechecked all of the settings and everything seems ok.

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