Cant turn left with Car behaviour when..

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  • I have found a "funny" issue when Im using the Car behaviour.

    If I press a certain key I cant accelerate (up arrow)

    and turn left (left arrow key) at the same time.

    The keys I have found that causes these errors are:



    This only appears when I hold down space/Alt key, and then accelerate and turn to the left. I have tried with the other keys, and they dont have the same problem.

    To reproduce issue:

    • Hold down space or Alt key.
    • Press forward key (accelerate).
    • Press left arrow key (turn left).

    Now this wont work. But if you keep holding down the accelerate key

    and the turn key, and release the space key, it will start to work again.

    If I accelerate and turn at the same time, and then press the Space/Alt key, it will work as it should.

    This is a strange issue. Can anybody reproduce this error?

    Link to testfile:

  • Sounds more like a keyboard interruption than a coding bug.

    I have one for you, try pressing accelerate and left at the same time, and then press the down key.

    The block keeps up moving.

    Try the same setting with Accelerate, right and down at the same time.

    The block brakes.

    At least it what happens on my keyboard.

    Not sure this can be fixed.

  • It's a keyboard issue, I've had it plenty of times in other games. You'll find you can press two arrow keys but can't press Space or Alt, but you can press two arrow keys together and CRTL. See if that works.

  • If I press Accelerate and left at the same time, and then the reverse, it keeps turning and accelerating.

    Pressing Accelerate, reverse and left at the same time, should break the object, since the speed is zero.

    Yes, it does work with Ctrl key. The issue is that its only for the space and the Alt keys, as far as I have found.

    This causes problems if you, for example, want to use the space key as a handbreak to get some nice skidding going. Yes, you can use another key to get it to work. I just find it strange that its just these keys.

    I hope the devs can take a look at it. If it cant be fixed, then at least we know <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • There's nothing we can do, it's an electronic issue in keyboards. You can't reliably hold down three or more keys at once in certain combinations. This affects all software, not just Construct 2 or browsers.

  • Ok I understand. Thanks for the information!

  • It's annoying but you'll have to work around it like I've had to many times. Good luck. :)

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