Can't stream music from Node-webkit?

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  • Hi. I'm currently finishing up a demo of my game for IGF, and at the end I have planned to link to my social media and the hub of my composer at Problem is when I access this site (and soundcloud) through node-webkit, the music won't stream. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

    I've included an attachment of event 4, which is the one leading to the desired site. It simply won't stream any music, even if the site itself works just fine.


  • I can't see enough of what's going on here. Is "Music" a global variable?

    I think what you need to do is create global variables to define the exact music files you want play and use the "System object to set the URL of a music file. For example:

    Create a Global Variable

    Global Text = "URL_1"

    System> On Start of Layout > System> Set URL_1 to

    It's a simple example but, should get you in the right direction.

    Hope this helps

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  • Oh seems like there's a slight misunderstanding. I don't want to just stream a sound file from an URL. I am opening the website in a seperate tab in the node webkit browser, and expecting to browse this website as if I was in chrome/firefox/opera. The website opens just fine, but when I click on any of the music on his site (that normally plays instantly in chrome) I get nothing in Node-webkit. It just loads infinitely.

    "Music" is just a sound tag. Not a variable. I will mute this tag when clicking on the button leading to the blind webside.

    Hope that clears it up a bit.

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