Can´t start C2, missing DLL-file

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  • Hi all!

    Since about a week I´m having troubles starting C2 (version r227) due to an error that says something like (translated from Swedish):

    "Can´t start the program since ÿÿ•.dll is missing. Try to reinstall the program"

    I have tried to google that weird file name but don´t get any hits.

    I´ve tried to reinstall C2 several times but sadly the problem persists.

    Two weird things though:

    1) If I try a newer version (beta 228 or 229) a get a slightly different error message:

    "Can´t find procedure entry point • in DLL-file KERNEL32.dll"

    2) When I reinstall the program (any version) and choose "Launch after installation", C2 starts just fine everytime.

    But if I close it and then try to start it the "normal" way (by clicking the icon on the desktop or in the folder) I get the above messages.

    Apart from reinstalling I have:

    • made several virus scans (that came up with nothing)
    • run the sfc/scannow, which said everything was fine
    • checked that I have the latest graphics drivers
    • searched the forums here, and some kernel32-problems seem to have arisen in the past, but usually they have been solved when a later C2-version is released.
    • checked that I have the latest Google Chrome version

    Any suggestions what else I could try?

    EDIT: I´m on Windows 7, 64-bit.

  • Something very amiss with your pc I think.

    A really good scan with Malwarebytes and a good AV would be my first course of action, as something is messing with your files, it seems to me.

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  • Hi!

    Thanks for the answer!

    I´ve done several scans, including one with Malwarebytes, but haven´t found anything yet.

    So far I don´t have problems with any other programs.

    But as I wrote, C2 will launch immediately after reinstallation if i choose the option "Launch after installation", but not when starting it by clicking the icon or exe-file.

    Isn´t that strange?

  • Try running it as administrator.

  • Hi!

    Thanks for the tips!

    I´ve tried running it as an administrator, and also installing it as an administrator, but still the same results unfortunately.

    It´s annoying that the name of the dll-file is so strange that I can´t google it.

  • Update your windows to 8. It might be a file that the windows is missing to run Construct2 rather than Construct 2 missing something.

  • I had similar problems with one machine, run sfc /scannow at a command prompt, you may need to restart your system in console recovery mode.

  • Hi,

    Pixel Power: I do not want Windows 8 or 10 <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile">

    davidochoa; I´ve run sfc /scannow at a command prompt (as administrator) but it says everything is fine.

    I don´t actually think there is a problem with C2, but rather that I´m all of a sudden missing a dll-file or two (or have the wrong version). I just don´t know how to figure out which ones when the computer won´t give me a better error message than the ones I mentioned above.

    I did a system restore to a point when I know for sure that C2 worked fine, but that didn´t help either.

    I checked some other (non C2) forums for similar problems, and someone got the tip to run a tool called Dependancy Walker ( to figure out what files were missing or corrupt,

    i tried that, but I don´t really understand how to interpret the results there. And as I understand it the tool is kind of old and can give "false" results on newer windows versions.

    But, all tips are welcome!

    I really want to get back to working on my game again!

  • I'm not entirely sure about this, but you could download the dll file and put it into the C2 install folder:

  • As a gamer I believe your problem is with dll in WIndows 7 right ?

    So go to microsoft website and download microsoft visual c++ latest version........

  • Thanks!

    Yes, it feels like I´m missing a dll-file. I do have the KERNEL32.dll though. Perhaps it´s corrupt or something?

    Is there a way to see what dll-files C2 needs/uses, and compare to those I have, and that way find out which one is missing?

    The dll file name in the error message ( ÿÿ•.dll) is so strange. It looks like my computer is trying to translate the file name from another language without having the right language pack installed or something.

    And yes, I´ll download the latest microsoft visual c++ and see if that might help.

    That did solve other (gaming) problems on my old computer!

  • So how about C2 problem..?

  • Last time I was indicated such an issue, the person managed to "fix it" by updating their windows version.

    Nevertheless, the dll name is indeed very strange and could lead to believe there is some malware at work, or some data corruption somewhere (a deficient cluster on the hard drive, this happens). In the case of a malfunctioning cluster a clean reinstall of windows might be to be seen.

    Otherwise, make an attempt at creating another Windows account/session, and see if executing Construct / installing Construct on that session changes things or if you encounter the same kind of issue.

  • I encountered this EXACT same problem and error last week after installing this addon from the Scirra Store: ... chine-2463

    Pretty sure the problem had something to do with installing this behavior in my situation, as the problem started right away after closing and restarting C2 to finish the .c2addon install. Never had this problem occur with any other installed addon before. I also have Windows 7 / 64-bit system (Home Premium / Service Pack 1), getting identical missing DLL error messages.

    I was on C2 version 227, tried installing again multiple times (and installing 229 and 228 but also got errors) and eventually had to revert back to beta 226 to get C2 to start normally. Tried removing and wiping all traces of the behavior afterwards yet the problem remains, hopefully Scirra team can look into this..

  • Hi again!


    I wrote about this problem here for two reasons.

    1) C2 was/is the only program (so far) that has this problem.

    2) I was thinking that someone here might have encountered a similar problem and perhaps had help to give


    Thanks! I first created two new users (one with admin rights and one without). I tried reinstalling C2 with both users, but the same error showed up.

    I have also installed the latest version of nw.js, just to make sure.

    Anyway, so this morning I succumbed and upgraded to (free) Windows 10. I updated the drivers for my graphics card.

    However, the problem still exists, but now the error message is slightly different again, but still something unsearchable like "Can´t find entry point in (/¦.dll"


    Thank you!! I tried Beta 226 now and it seems to work. I haven´t bought anything from the store lately, so my problem may have other origins. I would however very much like to know what dll I might be missing, or what else causes this problem.

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