Can't re-join room after leaving [Signalling Server Issue]

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  • Hello, I'm a recent purchaser of Construct 2 and I'm continuing my learning process by making a party game.

    Currently, the offline version is working as intended (for the most part), however while I was working on the chat room for the online pre-game lobby I encountered a weird bug. I followed this guide, and the bug with my lobby is that if you join the lobby, then leave, via the menu button, you can not rejoin without closing the game and opening it back up.

    Events for Signalling Server:

    Logging in the first time:

    Chat Room first time (works):

    After exiting via the Menu button, trying to connect to the server again:

    You can still leave to the main menu but you can not reconnect, even if you type in the same name at the log in screen.

    Thanks in advance for any help solving this issue.

  • Try making it so that you completely disconnect from the signalling server when you click the main menu problem. That's how I solved my lobby issues.

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  • Sorry, could you explain what that means? I thought that "Disconnect from room" action already did this? Is there a better Action?

  • Never mind, found it! Thanks for the answer. For future reference, needed to change "Disconnect from room." to "Disconnect from signalling server." Whoops.

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