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    Unable to run the script minifier (2).  Please ensure you have Java 8+ installed.  It can be installed from  
    Note: you're using the 64-bit version of Construct 2.  Make sure you install the 64-bit version of Java.  You may have to choose a manual download since the default installation is often 32-bit, and this message will still appear if you have 32-bit Java installed.
    The script has not been minified, but the exported project should still work.
    I'm using Windows 8.1 64-bit and I am positive I have Java 8 64-bit installed (update 45 to be exact). My friend is having the same problem on Windows 7 64-bit. We both uninstalled older versions too. What's the deal? Anyone else running into this?
  • Works fine for me now...but I did have a problem like this in the past that required rolling back to an older version of java.

  • Hi, I think you have to install 32 version as well.

  • michael Tried with both versions and just 32 or 64 bit - didn't help.

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  • TiAm Sounds like C2 doesn't like the latest version then? I remember this happening a long time ago out of the blue and I decided to just not minify...but we need to minify the project now.

  • Here's the thread where this happened before:

    I just exported with minification successfully. My system: Win7 x64.

    Searched for java in start bar search, clicked "about java". I get this:

    Version 8 Update 31 (build 1.8.0_31-b13) [/code:2eflazcw]
  • TiAm Version 8 Update 45 (build 1.8.0_45-b15)

    Sooo..yeah..guess we have no choice but to downgrade.

  • I hope Construct 3 won't rely on Java.

    If someone does find a link to a Java version that works, that would help, I can't find the file.

  • Tokinsom

    Here are the old runtimes: ... 77648.html

    To paraphrase an old post of mine on that thread:

    Once there, search for "Java SE Runtime Environment 8u40". DL the version that fits your system (x86/x64). You have to click the radio button next to "Accept License Agreement" for the download(s) to start. Then just install it, reboot C2, and the minifier will work again (hopefully).

    If that doesn't work, uninstall, work your way down thru versions.

  • Much obliged.

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