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  • I'm unable to show the high score of friends in my Facebook app. The request for the highscore list through the FB plugin only returns the player's own score.

    While the FB highscore function appears to work for older users on older apps, it does not work for new apps or for new users of older apps.

    The issue seems to be that when a new user of a C2 FB-app logs in for the first time, the app is not granted the user_friends permission from Facebook (This permission was granted to C2 apps previously).

    I read that Facebook recently tightened up their apps-permissions policy. Perhaps permissions that were previously given by default must now be explicitly requested? In that case, maybe the FB-plugin must be updated for the highscore function to work. Just my guess.

    Is there someone who is able to use the FB highscore function for new apps or for new users on olders apps?


  • Turned out to be as I thought. I added a line in the FB plugin to request user_friends permission, and now the highscore function works.

    It would be nice with an update so I don't have to redo this tweak after every Construct 2 update.

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  • Hello karlsigfrid

    I was having the same problem and didn't know why.

    Would you be so kind to tell me which line did you add and where please?

    Ashley can you take note on this problem please?

    Thanks to both.

  • If you don't get a response here, please submit a bug report. Thanks.

  • Hello, karlsigfrid

    I'm also trying to get the leaderboard working. But right not it only shows the scores of Admins of the Facebook app. If somebody else plays the game his name appears on leaderboard and the score is displayed as 0. Did you submit the app for review on Facebook ? If you did so what are the permissions you added to the review ?

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