Cannot read property 'length' of null at pluginProto.Type.typeProto.onCreate??

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  • Hello fellow Constructors,

    I'm about to lose my mind with this issue, hope someone could shed some light -

    I'm running games on amazon's s3. I've never had any problems until two days ago where

    out of the blue this error started popping up and the game would stop working.

    It seems like something weird is going on with "this.animations" at onCreate function

    where no animations are getting loaded into the array (c2runtime.js of course).

    The weirdest thing is that it works fine when I use the Preview option in construct,

    but when exported and uploaded to S3, the error occurs.

    I double checked - All the files were uploaded correctly and no file is missing.


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  • Ok, quick update -

    it seems this has nothing to do with this specific function.

    This is related to the service worker. Once I bypass the service worker

    all works fine.

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