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  • I cannot change the starting layout in one of my games. The game always starts with layout 1.

  • fildubek

    <img src="" border="0" />

    choose which layout you want first in dropdown list

  • I know that but it is not working I can choose what ever layout I want it will always start with layout 1.

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  • If you mean in preview, clicking the run button will run the last viewed layout. Pressing F4 will run the first layout.

  • Must be something in your event sheet, then. Could you post your capx?

  • ramones

    I know that but in my case it always runs layout 1 it doesn't matter which layout I viewed last or if I have changed first layout to another. It is as if there is a command on the event sheet saying "On start of layout go to layout 1" but the is no such command.

    By other projects work fine.

    I would rather avoid posting the capx but if there is no other way I will upload it.

  • Well the other way is we continue to make arbitrary guesses.

    While it's possible that this is a bug, I think it's unlikely. If you're worried about posting your work, save it as a separate file and strip out all your work not specific to the issue. Chances are that you'll find the solution yourself by doing so, and if not, then we have a file to look at that you're comfortable sharing.

  • Thanks for the tip GeometriX. I managed by cleaning up the event sheet to find the problem and fix it. So everything works fine now.

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