Can't figure this out: simple animation change

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  • Hi folks,

    I'm having some difficulty understanding a particular occurrence in C2.

    I have an object with the platform behaviour, and it changes its animations based on what the character is doing (standing, crouching, sliding, etc.). I've followed the advised practice of using a dummy blocker and placing the animated object on top of it, but I still need the blocker itself to change its shape for a few of the animations in order to change its bounding box.

    The issue comes up when my character is standing against a wall. The process of changing animations works perfectly when my character has a wall to its right, but when there's a wall to its left, it sort of "hops" up a little bit.

    You can see it happen in this capx. Arrow keys to move. Press C to change states.

    I've distilled my project down to its bare essentials and the issue persists, so I assume I'm overlooking something simple. Could anyone offer some help on this?

    PS: I'm not looking for a workaround, I've already got one. I'm specifically looking for an explanation or solution, as I'm either doing something fundamentally wrong, or this is a bug.


  • It has to do with the origin point creating conflicts. I've already made a few threads about what I thought was an issue with the Anchor behavior, but now I see the culprit is in the origin point not being respected:

    hope you get a better answer...

  • It looks kind of buggy, but there a workaround can solve your problem

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • California

    wow, you made 4 threads as you know not commit your mistake, you should know about the programming is NOT a magic, it's a logic. You should research and find alternate methods.

  • California, I'm not sure that these are related. Or if they are, I don't see how.

    Joannesalfa, thanks, but as I said, I'm not looking for a workaround - I already have one. I'm looking for an explanation or a solution.

  • You should report a bug.

  • Yes, I will do so if I don't get anywhere here. But bug reports tend to be ignored by the general population, from which I'd like some feedback if anyone has any ideas.

  • "General population"? No.... Ashley will explain you if is a bug or not.

    I advice you should use workaround to fix it, sometimes bad codes can make good games. If you really want simple, don't bother to use different collisions for this sprite.

  • You're missing my point, but thanks anyway.

  • California, I'm not sure that these are related. Or if they are, I don't see how.

    Joannesalfa, thanks, but as I said, I'm not looking for a workaround - I already have one. I'm looking for an explanation or a solution.In the examples I posted, the origin point is set to Top-Right, but when I scale it, it scales from Top-Left, obviously if the origin point is set to the Top-Right, the object should grow from there.

    In your example, the origin point is set to origin point: Bottom-Center, but when crouching the object crouches from Center-Center.

  • You're missing my point, but thanks anyway.

    Honestly, I don't understand abut your point, anyways you should make a thread in bug report.

  • GeometriX any updates on this?

  • California, No, so I suppose I should just post a bug report thread. Kind of worried it'll just get written off as me not following the prescribed practice of never ever changing animation sizes for collisions, but it is inconsistent, so there's clearly a greater problem here.

  • GeometriX

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Collision sizes in animation change all the time, just check the SF2 hitboxes above.

    Yes, report this bug please.

    Hopefully you'll have a better outcome and benefit many others (me included :))

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  • I agree with California,I think it is related to the image points...

    I edited your capx to demonstate..

    I put the image point to the bottom right and mirrored the player box below 400 x, this stops the problem, proving it is image point related...

    but in your case a central image point should not cause this issue...

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