Can't activate my account.

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  • When I receive the email for activating my account, it says 'Click here to activate', but then there's no link. Nor is any of the text clickable. I've sent a message to support but not sure how long it will take to get a reply. I've just bought a license and would like to sort this out ASAP so that I can start using the new features.

    Any ideas on how I can activate?

  • Does it need to be confirmed to as 'safe' before it becomes active?

    I know when I use Hotmail, it will show the text of the email but not make anything active until I consider it safe.

    See if anything is limiting the email to be fully loaded.

    If you are using a browser to view your email, try a different browser.

  • Thanks. Kinda odd, I've never had problems with links in emails before, but I used a different browser and the links are fine now :)

  • Call me a dumbass, but now that I've got my redeem code, I typed it in, all seemed fine. It asks me to download a file which contains my license. Now what do I do with it? I can't see anywhere in the free edition to enter the license.

  • Glad to help on the link.

    Check out this page and scroll down to 'Using Your License'.

    I think that should help.

    I haven't purchased it yet so I haven't walked through it, but this is where I would go.

  • Ok never mind, much digging around later and I worked it out. That really could have been simpler instead of buried inside the 'About' button, which itself is buried in an invisible menu......

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  • Thanks :)

  • No problem! Make sure you post your creation!

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