Cam access with User Media and Cocoonjs

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  • A while ago I was testing stuff around and I implemented a User Media object inside the game we are making to be able to get a shot of the player's face. It worked great on the iOS test devices.

    I tried to do the same thing today and suddenly nothing seems to work. When I start the test project with cocoon i get all sorts of errors and can't even manage to get the layout to load at all.

    Any idea what changed in the meantime?

  • Found and loaded the old file but it doesn't work anymore. Maybe something to do with a Construct update Ashley? I think the first time I tried it it was around R115 and now is R132. Just guessing.

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  • Me again. Exported the project again with the old version of Construct and this time the camera works. With 'works' I mean that I can access the camera, but I cannot take a screenshot with it. When I try it gives me: Exception loading Image: Exception: IllegalStateException: Error reading the '272 bytes' block of the given '/private/var.....' file path.

    I still don't get it why it doesn't work at all in the new versions of Construct.

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