CallJS.ReadExecutionReturn produces an log error

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  • Hi all, I am doing a project in which I use pure JS, and execute this by using the CallJS plugin. This went okay for one event sheet, but on the other I always get an error in my console log

    [quote:1374n9ny]CHROME: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'toString' of undefined

    FIREFOX: TypeError: x is undefined

    I have an export on

    In the first text field enter the following string:


    The following is the code that produces the return value:

    var returnstring;
    function retrieveStorylist(){
    input = prompt('Voer hier het unieke gebruikersnummer in');
        type:    'GET',
        url:     ''+input+'/',
        success: function() {
    	   setting =''+input+'/');
    	   setTimeout(function(){setting.close()}, 1000);
    			type:	'GET',
    			url:	''+input+'/list',
    			xhrFields: {
    				withCredentials: true
    			success: function(text){
    				if (text === ''){
    					alert('Er is iets fout gegaan .... Meldt dit bij Improvive (Roel, Quincy of Tariq).');
    				else {
    					/*text = JSON.parse(text);*/
    					numlist = text.length;
    					var inb = {
    						'c2array': true,
    						'size': [text.length, 3, 1],
    							return [
    				returnstring = JSON.stringify(inb, null, 4);
    								error: function(){
    									alert("Er is iets fout gegaan, controlleer het nummer en probeer het opnieuw");
    return returnstring;[/code:1374n9ny]
    What goes wrong? :c
    (I chose not to include an capx because the event sheet is basically
    returnvalue = CallJS.ReadExecutionReturn
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