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  • Hi

    I have 350 events or lines in the events sheet

    Now I want that when click on a button, it will automatically run some events, say events number 125,130,180 & 230.

    Is it possible ?

    Plz help me

  • Sounds like a job for the Function object.

  • arctushar

    As zenox98, this is really a job for the Function object, but could be achieved with using Groups and enabling/disabling them as needed.

    Using a Global variable to control whether those events run would also work.

    So, yes, it is possible and you have options, but the Function object is your best bet.

  • How can I do that ? Still I did not understand

    Thankz for ur kind help. Can u plz elaborate ?

  • It's difficult to give a more accurate answer because you aren't giving us anything to work with, such as an example .capx, or a picture of the events you are referring to.

    Here is the entry in the manual for Functions:

    Basically, you would add the Function object to your project. Then place whichever events you wish to call in to a new function, then when you need it, you just Call the Function.

    If we knew which events you wanted to repeat, this would be much easier to explain, but read the manual entry and you'll see Functions are very easy to use.

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  • they are saying that for the event you want to repeat change the conditions to a Function or a global variable that you call to.change when you want those events to happen

    Edit: what zenox98 said haha must of posted right when i hit reply

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