Calibrating Colors for All Screens to Display Same Color?

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  • As we know every screen either mobile or laptop, show same color differently because of brightness and other properties,

    Same happened to me when i made a game in construct 2 with a baby blue color but it displayed purple color on my mobile device.

    Can we tackle this problem ???

    Please help because i am facing this problem for a while now and despite all google research i could not find a way to calibrate colors! i am frustrated now because no matter what color i chose it will display different on device and that matters a lot in a game !

    Please help me here!

    Thank you!

  • I researched a lot and i think Its not possible! So Don't bother!

  • As far as I'm aware, it has to do with colour profiles. Chrome for Windows, for example, uses some colour profiles, which make look your sprites a bit different than they look in the editor. That might become a bit problematic when using ReplaceColour effect, because the output colour is different than you'd expect, hence the effect might not recolour your sprite.

    I hope you find the answer.

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  • grigrizljac

    I don't think their is an answer to this, we can do nothing about this i guess!

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