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  • Hey Guys,

    I have been in contact with Ludei about the fact that sprites and text are blurry in CocoonJS and they sent me some code to use if I had of written the code from scratch. Obviously I didn't (Used Construct).

    Is there anyway we can get this code added to the compilation of CocoonJS projects so they come out crystal clear?

    Below is what I was sent.

    "Another option you have is to use our "pixel art" extension so the rescaling doesn't use a linear image filter. For that, you have 2 options:

    a) This call will disable linear filtering globally, for the whole game:

    ext.IDTK_APP.makeCall("setDefaultAntialias", false);

    b) If you want to disable it for a specific canvas, modify your getContext call to add a second parameter, like this:

    ctx = myCanvas.getContext("2d", {antialias:false} );" - From Ludei

  • Construct 2 already uses this code (specifically, option B). It is set by changing the 'Sampling' project property from 'Linear' to 'Point'. Have you tried that?

  • Yeah and just retried it then, still blurry text.

  • BTW, I never seen razor sharp text on cocoonjs. I took a look at your screenshots in the previous post, and I think that you have already reached the maximum sharpness achievable on cocoonjs.

  • If that is true it's a mighty shame.

    It's not production quality.

  • Oh, I seen you're testing on ipad. I was talking about android side, so maybe I was wrong cause I'm not so into iOs things. From what I remember CocoonJS currently doesn't support retina screens on ipads (only iphone on the current release but support is planned. Read here) , probably this is your problem.

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  • Best ask ludei for improvements here, since I think this is something they would have to fix.

  • I don't think it's the Retina issue as I can turn it off for iPad inside Construct and it still looks good.

    And yes Ashley, if it is fixed it will be the perfect solution.

  • I agree the graphics in cocoonjs are utter poo man

    blurry as hell and even plane text sucks the big one and you cant even read it sometimes.

    Is there an alternative to cocoonjs that doesnt suck when it comes to the image quality?

  • Can you update with any comments from ludei? This really needs sorting. Is it antialiasing?

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