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  • Moar suggestions

    Grouping layouts - can be as simple as folders, but would be very helpful in workflow, in editing and in game design.

  • So the document is up to 23 pages. 24 with some sectional white space. More than I thought it would reach. I'm not sure that's a good thing though

  • Grouping layouts - can be as simple as folders, but would be very helpful in workflow, in editing and in game design.

    Grouping layouts? Something different than currently is in C2 (in Projects panel)?

  • jayderyu

    Don't want to mess with your file, so I just gonna put it in here

    Cartesian Layouts - Yes! I think layout in overall should not have any limits. It should be an infinite space where you place objects and control how you want to display them.

    I'm just thinking out loud here, but some sort of Camera object could be nice. In that object you would have options to set game screen size (like current layout size), set position, etc... And be able to actually see in editor what you will see in runtime. Multiple camera objects = switching between them on the fly, object following etc... Like MagiCam build into a editor.

  • A popup window would be good when you open a c3 .capx with an addon that you dont have.

    It contains a list of missing addons, optimaly its a direct link to a marketplace or something like that.

  • > Grouping layouts - can be as simple as folders, but would be very helpful in workflow, in editing and in game design.


    Grouping layouts? Something different than currently is in C2 (in Projects panel)?

    Different, yes. that's for layers panel and for events. For example being able to disable all 3 layouts by disabling group in editor as well as in events.

    if you require an addon, it should be downloaded automatically on opening capx.

    My crazy Idea of start up pop up would be a screenshot of last action you did before closing the program.

  • megatronx

    You forget paid addons, and it can get very cluttered if you dont have the control over what addons get downloaded.

    It could happen very quick that you have a huge list of plugins and you dont know what 50% of them are doing.

    Would be good if addon developers could link to a documentation, it would be even greater if there'll be a place on the offical construct3 website for addon documentations, tutorials, examples, downloads and what not, so we all have a centralised spot for that.

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  • -Collision groups/layers

    -exporting event sheets as behaviors (global variables can act as the editable properties)

    -or assigning event sheets to objects (like scripts in other engines)

  • I think Scirra can to offer us an integrated API in C3 with common requests: save/load data in cloud, IAP, leaderboards, achievements etc (like Clay.io e.g.)

  • Steam integration support would be great.

    I'll throw in this as well since it's probably going to be some idea pool of what could be included in the editor.

    I would also like to see a spline based editor for movement paths. I know there are ways of overcoming this but there are some seriously nice things you can do with spline based paths. Attached and then triggers on such a path.

    i.e draw the spline, attach an enemy. You can set if there is one way, ping pong or loop., each node point can then also act as a trigger point to fire events.

  • A list of add-ons that are not available would be a good idea. At the moment I think your notified of only one plugin missing at a time.

    A lot of good ideas. Though all of them are not architecture issues that C2 prevents. However please present them so that they can be examined and take a deigns look to see if there is a block. Sooo

    * Collision Group/Layers - no blocks for C3

    * Exporting ES Group as a Behaviour and Modular object - requested and the doc supports the idea a MAJOR feature

    * ES to Objects. The above suggestion would support this design

    * Save/Cloud - no block

    * IAP - no block

    * Leader board - no block

    * Achievements - no block

    * Steam integration - can't say. Depends on Steams own API and bindings to Cordova, however - no block from C2/C3

    * Spline based system - you can read the thread and note that this is a major reason why C3 needs to exist - no block

  • Off the top of my head...

    1. Particles: the ability to set the facing angle (not the angle of motion) of each particle.

    2. Particles: collision detection of each particle (understood that this may prove to be problematic on the overhead...so this is just a fun idea).

    3. Conditional events that check for on refocus and on unfocus. There is already a Pause on unfocus, so already there is a system check for it.

  • Rhindon

    from the browser object:

    "On suspended

    On resumed

    Triggered when the page's visibility changes, or when a mobile app is going in to the background or foreground. When invisible or in the background the app is suspended: all events stop running and all audio is muted."

    may correspond to your 3

    (I used them before when doing a little cookie clicker like).

  • Aphrodite - OH! Thanks!

  • Being able to add curve paths during edit time (if possible dynamically be able to create paths at run time as well!) and making the sprites move along the curved paths is definitely on my wish list. Without such a functionality, its very complicated (with several trade-offs ) to build games like Zuma.

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