C2/Crosswalk Apps on FireTV?

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  • Hey, does anybody know if it is possible to bring C2 games compiled with IntelXDK Crosswalk to Amazon's FireTV?

    Do you just have to integrate the Gamepad Plugin correctly? I have games on the Amazon App Shop but they are not compatible with FireTV.

  • From what ive seen and tested yeah its that easy you just put in the Gamepad plugin and go... it is always best to be sure to test on the device your exporting to as sometimes there are little errors.

  • I was never able to get the scirra gamepad plugin to work for the amazon fire tv to get gamepad/controller support for it. Were either of you?

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  • Hello!

    I tried the original fire tv joystick from amazon and it works very fine with the scirra gamepad plugin.

    Best regards,


  • Sigtrygg were you using the game pad or stick remote? Also did you have to add any plug-ins etc to the xdk export to get it to work?

  • Hello justifun!

    I used the gamepad plugin in construct2 and made an apk by xdk as you posted in this forum for crossover cordova (thank you very much for it!) The joystick is named: amazon fire game controller. I didn't use the remote control, but you can use the amazon game controller as remote control too. The game controller works very fine!!

    I hope to publish my game "Hell Eagle 3.0" for amazon fire tv for free. I will post it, when I have finished it.

    P.S.: I have to use the stick remote. The Gamepad on fiertv doesn't work with the Gamepad plugin



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