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  • Hi everyone!

    For the love of my cat I can't find a forum on Ludei's website!

    Does that mean we've got to email them everytime there's an issue with the app or cloud?

    Also, wouldn't it be a good idea if there was a forum section here to share our experience and discuss issues and tips to resolve them?

    Right now, some sounds don't play when my game runs through Cocoonjs' app. The first 2 sounds don't play (considered sound effects since no longer than 20secs). The music does play and is more than 20 seconds long. Tried preloading the 2 first sounds... no go. Is this bug with first sounds not loading/playing properly a known issue?

    I don't know where to get answers about that and I already sent them an email without any response. Can't find the issue mentionned elsewhere on the forum.

    Am I missing something?


  • Ludei�s forum URL: ludei.com/forum

    You can report all the questions you have about our product in our forum. Anyway, we will give you a response if you send us an email.

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  • Thanks for the reply!

    I had to check your website on my desktop computer to access the forum. The drop down menus don't work on my mobile's browser so I couldn't see the Forum section under "Technology".

    I'll be checking out the forum for my audio issues.

    See you there! :)

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