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  • Hello Scirra Community!

    Is there a plugin where all the action/event coding we do with click/touch can be typed using a keyboard?

    It would drastically increase our developing time!

    I know that one of Contruct 2's main features is the ability to prototyype fast without using complex code syntax. However, once you become used to to the action/events and compare them to typing in the keyboard (especially declaring variables), "the old way" seems faster.

    Thanks for all the opinions/insights/solutions regarding this comment.

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  • There isn't a way to code directly in Construct 2, but you can write your own plugins using JavaScript.

    I'd tend to agree that it can be quicker to code directly, but I make heavy use of the shortcut keys and the action/condition search feature (which is automatically activated when you start typing) to work quickly in the event sheet. You can literally type in everything from the beginning of your conditions to the end of your actions for the vast majority of functions (possibly all of them, but I'm not 100% sure of that).

    Personally, and this is coming from someone who understands coding but sucks at remembering the exact commands/syntax all the time, this combination of mouse- and typing-based works brilliantly for me.

  • Well , yea , When you get to this stage, it's purely language coding ...

    I don't think I'll be there one day , because C2's main feature is no coding required , anyways , If ashley adds a writer , then I'll be like GM and coders would be happy ...

  • GeometriX: Thanks for the tip about using the search function to select events/actions while typing! It's way faster!

    Whiteclaws: Keep programming, you'll eventually see the rewards!

  • Construct 2 isn't supposed to be a code editor - there are loads of other tools out there. If you learn the keyboard shortcuts well, though, I'm sure it's as fast or faster than coding!

  • The problem with free form coding is ERRORS, C2 guides you as you construct your code.

    I think it is a rapid development tool, I will have to learn keyboard shortcuts

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