C2 on Xbox One/PS4 via HTML5 player

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  • Apparently you can play HTML5 games that have controller support on Xbox One and PS4 via some apps made to run them directly from the browser on the consoles.

    http://www.slashgear.com/xboxie-and-son ... -23314263/

    I don't know if this works, but is it possible to have controller support for the new consoles?

    This could be a cool alternative until Microsoft and Sony official support HTML5 games.

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  • interesting.. totally makes sense that you could do it since all the technology is in place. I could see MS locking that down though since it's a potential risk to play a bunch of free games...or games that have nothing to do with microsoft.

  • jobel That's what I originally thought, but look at the date the app was published and look at the portfolio of games: Pac-Man, Flappy Bird, Cut the Rope, 1945, Bejweled. Those are some big games, and neither Microsoft or Sony has done anything yet. I believe it also works for the Wii U.

  • I created an webapp (just website on my server) which runs fine on Xbox One Internet Explorer and supports Gamepad.


    It has a few issues with ultrafast triggering on some events.

    It would be great to be able to create fully supported Xbox One Apps/Games.

  • It is interesting to play on different devices. I've played games on my Samsung Tab 4. Can't remember if they worked on the Wii U game tablet but they probably did.

  • It is interesting to play on different devices. I've played games on my Samsung Tab 4. Can't remember if they worked on the Wii U game tablet but they probably did.

    for what its worth, there is a documentation of the wii u browser (I did find one before that I think was more complete, but I cannot find it back)

    http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu/built-in-s ... ser-specs/

    http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu/built-in-s ... tionality/

    and by default, the d pad returns the up, down, left and right arrow keys, while the a button returns enter, so they may have worked.

  • How about audio and music in html5 games, is that playable on that console browsers?

    Because from html5test.com info that Wii U browser support <audio> element (no WebAudio support) but didn't support common audio file formats such as mp3, ogg even wav.

  • Audio seems to work in IE on Xbox One. But I only have one music file played on one layout and did not test it with multiple sounds at once, yet.

  • I had my game running, albeit slowly on the Xbox360 internet explorer a year or so ago. This is great to quickly show your game to friends on a big tv, but not so good if you want to make money from it. As a community we could bundle a few games together and really have a run at the big guys with The 101+ indie game bundle. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    I am going to really delve into this one and find out whats' what, because it seems the best route to actually making enough cash to live off. I know some peeps that released onto the 360 arcade and they have never looked back since. I know only the top 10-15% of xbox indie developers made enough cash to live off and they were minecraft clones and avatar games, so I am aiming for the arcade standard.

    My theory is this..Microsoft are planning/implementing their universal Windows App, in the future we will see xbone gamers play against pc gamers(again,since it did not make it last time). Under this new scheme, you should in theory be able to make a windows 10 game and xbone, in theory...?

    This topic is brushed upon at this thread:


    Where these websites are mentioned:

    See here:

    http://dev.windows.com/en-us/develop/bu ... ndows-apps

    And here:

    http://www.hanselman.com/blog/TheNewRas ... lApps.aspx

    My problem with this official ms site is that is does not directly address the issue of Construct 2 and so we can't read anything into it with certainty. We all want to get our games in front of the Xbox live community, frankly it was "my facebook" as in it was my social revolution, long before facebook was even conceived. Before that I had an xbox original hub and had halo parties (happy dayz).

    I have come to realize that those that are putting their games on the xbone will have signed an non disclosure agreement and as such might not be able to discuss things here, so openly.

    Also from that thread, Ashley said

    "We already support universal apps, and if there is anything we need to change to support the Xbox One then we will obviously do that as soon as humanly possible.

    As for Spartan I've heard it has performance improvements, so it should be a nice improvement over IE11 - but I don't think they have any plans to port it to windows 7/8 right now, so the ridiculous OS support limitations of IE will continue... even if Spartan is as good as Chrome, I'd still recommend Chrome or Firefox simply because you can get the latest version on any OS!"

    So thats great news!

    If you have concerns about the size of your game, like I have. then its a typical rookie mistake, I was too ambitious and did not use tile mapping, although it was not available then, so who can blame me. Anyway, I would advise an episodic format, that way it is 6 smaller games. I am sure you would experience some drop off in players as a negative side effect, but it would also make it easy to boost uptake with a free episode, discounted offers or playable demo. Not to mention the obvious benefits of building a more ambitious game.

    Think about it, after the first episode the backbone of the next one is already built, you just add and change whats needed!

    I'm not a fan of in app purchases, I come from an advertising background and don't mind them, but gamers hate them. Over the last year I have come to realise that advertising is not going to pay your bills. The average rate is between $1 for 1000 plays and $5 for 1000 plays, but this varies depending on the type of advert. Basically, its feeble. So I would not bother again. It is easy to delude yourself into thinking, maybe if I make a better game, maybe the next one will make it, etc.

    Don't trick yourself, we work hard, we deserve to be paid. A few bucks seems like nothing to xbox gamers, compared to trying to get blood from a stone on the mobile market and app stores.

    Time and time again, those ready to adopt the new hardware and release early have seen the bottom line benefit in sales because they have a limited choice of games, although it is probably too late for that speech already.

    Nintendo were a big consideration for our game Tobi Shinobi, but that is cancelled(over ambitious) and I was not convinced that I would not end up in debt to Ninty. Microsoft dev kits will only cost me a new xbox one to get going, unless im mistaken(I have not signed up yet). PS4, I looked into, but did not have the resources of a full studio and subsequently could not complete the sign up process.

    Xbox live is my community, even if they are losing the hardware war I still have a lot of pull in the community and could get significant sales based on this alone. Most of them would be happy to pay a few pounds if I put it on a plate in front of them. Times that by 100 sales and you are into the bottom end of numbers you can live off, providing you can repeat it on a monthly basis, which should be no problem once word gets around and you get some referrals along the way. I can foresee that people are not going to pay every month forever, but it helps boost you at the start and once the ball is rolling keeping it rolling is easier as you gain recognition. Followers on xbox one make that easier too.

    Good luck everybody, I hope this helps focus you on where you want to be!

  • Here's a good article with a breakdown of HTML5 on each of the consoles:

    http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/MattAlla ... ign=buffer

  • Thanks for the update.

  • Here's a good article with a breakdown of HTML5 on each of the consoles:

    http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/MattAlla ... ign=buffer

    Cool thanks, ill read it now!

    Also as of recent updates with window 10, there are changes coming. Reading between the lines somewhat, It is implied that when xb1 gets the windows 10 store update they can access the windows store which is host to many html5 games.

    This could be great as it may open up the door for us to xb1, however this will also mean we are at the market forces of the windows store. Which currently, you need a marketing budget or a brand to break through from free apps to paid ones.

    Many believe that a quality game can demand a fair price, I want to believe this but their are as many good examples as bad and I have not tested it myself.

    Plus it opens the door for every app dev out there. MS will re-educate ppl about screen sizes with a little icon on the store, so ppl know if it is designed for their size device(which usually dictates screen size).

    Good luck to anybody reading this, perseverance is the key!

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