C2 on Windows 10?

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  • So Windows 10 has just been launched and it is available for free to all windows 7 and 8 users. I read in many post that so far, those using 8 should upgrade, and those with 7 can wait it out since 7 is still currently the best. So for me, since I am using 7, I'll wait until there there is a big advantage for me to change over.

    There is one thing I am wondering about, Ashley can I run C2 on Windows10 right now? Looking at the download page, I would think it is not supported yet since it states windows 7 and 8 currently. But I just haven't noticed any official word from scirra. I think it would be a good idea to inform our members here just in case they upgraded to windows10 and are now unable to run C2 anymore. Cause if I'm not wrong, once you upgrade to 10, your previous version will not work, so they won't be able to revert back. Perhaps create a sticky to inform everyone of the status of C2 supporting windows10.

    P.S. As a gamer......who's excited about what's been shown of DX12 so far?

  • Windows 10 isn't out yet - the release date is set for July 29th.

    C2 should run just fine on Windows 10.

  • Hello rekjl! I have been using Windows 10 for the last few months. With the latest release of C2 (R206) and Win 10 (10130) I have not encountered any issues with it. Actually, I have not had any issues with any software with the latest build of Win 10.

  • Ashley, thank for that, that is helpful for anyone planning to upgrade. That's weird, sorry, I have the get windows10 icon on my bar and I thought it is already out since many people have reviewed it. Haha but it's good to know. Thanks again!

    Exile03330, that's good to know! I am sure those using windows8 can't wait to upgrade if it is the disaster they say it is! Not sure if there will actually be a difference, but based on your own usage, do you feel there is any difference in performance for both creating games in c2 and running them in windows10 compared to the previous windows?

  • Unfortunately I was not actively working as much with Windows 8.1 so I did not have a lot of hands on with it. I can't really compare because I have been nearly only using 10. However, the performance and experience has been great for what I have been doing.

  • Exile03330, thanks for sharing. At least that is a good sign for anyone who wants to upgrade. Haha I'll hang on to my windows7 just for now as I've got a few projects working halfway. Hehe but if DX12 is released early......I just might make the changer early as well.

  • C2 runs fine on win 8.1 so win 10 no problem

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  • Lordshiva1948, thanks I guess forward compatibility isn't much of a problem for most softwares now. It is good to know. Haha I guess seeing how visually different windows10 is, I forgot that the core are still fundamentally the same. Thanks again.

  • rekjl Most welcome

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