C2 web multiplayer for mobile platforms?

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  • Good day fellow brothers and sisters!

    I would love to develop a real-time multiplayer game using C2 for both PC and mobile platforms in the web.

    The game should be played very well on both ios Safari/Chrome and Android's Chrome. For PC's - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.

    It wouldn't be a huge problem if the game could be run only on Chrome across all of the devices.

    So the question is: Is this possible?

    Me myself is not a programmer so i would find a friend to code the multiplayer and payments stuff after I make a prototype myself. So i just want to start the work while knowing that this is possible


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  • Last time I saw the multiplayer exemple, it was working across devices (I was on chrome on a android tab, and others were on PC, the controls however were not designed for mobile so I could not do a lot inside the game and see if everything responded correctly without lag).

    An advice for your players to make sure they are over a nice network could be useful, as mobile networks cannot be reliable in some situations, while a personnal Wifi network to access the internet can be fast even on mobile.

  • it works across all except iOS. You need chrome/firefox/edge to be installed on any device wanting to connect.

  • Okay, so looks like we would need to make an app for iOS later if we would like to expand.

    Looks cool now. Just looking for a coder at the moment to do that multiplayer game together. I am doing art and design.

    You can check my style here -

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