C2 Video Plugin to support "controls" and "track"

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  • There are 3 small enhancements I'd like to suggest for the Video HTML5 exporter plugin.

    The first one allows to programmatically add the Controls with options: No|When Requires Touch|Always

    The second attaches a VTT file for Close Captioning

    The third one allows you to define a thumbnail, by setting the 'poster" attribute of the HTML5 Video element to a picture

    Changes are very easy. Please consider adding these 2 features in a future release of Construct2


    1- design time JS, add the following properties

    new cr.Property(ept_text, "Track File (*.vtt) ", "", "Standard VTT track file for the video. See "),

    new cr.Property(ept_combo, "Controls", "No", "Add controls to the video.", "No|When Requires Touch|Always"),

    new cr.Property(ept_text, "Poster File (*.png | *.gif) ", "", "Poster file used as thumbnail "),

    2- runtime.js in instanceproto.onCreate= function(){ (Add around line 220)

    if (this.video.hasAttribute("controls") && this.properties[7]==0){



    if (!this.video.hasAttribute("controls") && this.properties[7]==2){

    this.video.setAttribute("controls", "true");


    if (!this.video.hasAttribute("controls") && this.properties[7]==1 && this.useNextTouchWorkaround){

    this.video.setAttribute("controls", "true");


    if (this.properties[6]){

    var track = document.createElement("track");

    track.src = this.properties[6];


    track.label="English subtitles"





    if (this.properties[8]){

    if (this.video.hasAttribute("poster") ){



    this.video.setAttribute("poster", properties[8]);


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